“innovate”, it is not just our name - it’s our way of life.
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Nithen, is an EDM artist specializing in deep house, tech house, techno and nu jazz. He is currently based in South Africa where he produces and performs along with some of the country’s most talented musicians.

Nithen’s eclectic taste and diverse background in music allows him to produce music with boundless creativity and innovation. Drawing inspiration from jazz legends of yesteryear, all the way through to modern day EDM producers, he has a unique multifaceted and dynamic approach to music production. The outcome is a synergy of undulating groove, shimmering sound synthesis and enchanting melodic textures.

Nithen is part of the electro-percussion duo “Architects of Underground Music” (also known as A.U.M) – the band has performed live in numerous clubs and festivals in South Africa. In 2012 the duo released their first album “may the Lord drop the house on you” - the much anticipated album made its way onto national radio weeks before an official release.

Nithen’s passion for deep house and techno saw him focus his efforts on various solo projects in 2013. It did not take long for his music to catch the interests of various labels around the globe.

Ben Töne

Mein Herz gehörte eigentlich schon immer der Musik.2003 entdeckte ich dann meine Leidenschaft für Housemuisk und für’s profesionelle Auflegen.Nach 5 Monaten habe ich an meinem 1.Contest (Millers Dorsten) teilgenommen.Von 10 Teilnehmern habe ich den 3.Platz gemacht.Darauf folgten dann mehrere Bookings(Aqualonge,Ochtrup),(Millers,Dorsten),(Hardes,Bocholt) und mehrere Brainstorm Partys unter dem Namen Rock it Funk.
Drei Jahre später habe ich an einem Contest im Pharao Club Bocholt teilgenommen.Der Contest fand über zwei Partys statt.
20 Djs pro Party.Beim 1.Vorentscheid plazierte ich mich auf Platz 2.Im Hauptentscheid auf Platz 3.
In dieser Verbindung habe ich über die Jahre in vielen verschiedenen Clubs in ganz NRW gespielt.Da ich heute nicht mehr ausschließlich Funkyhouse,sondern auch Tech-und Deephouse auflege,spiele ich heute unter dem Namen Ben Töne….

Manos Kontakis (mank) was born and raised in Athens, Greece. During the last few years, he is living in his fatherland, the island of Crete. From an early age, Manos showed a great interest in art, especially painting and music and eventually decided to attend his first drawing and at the same time, guitar lessons at a conservatoire. After completing his studies in both fields, Manos started showing his paintings in various personal and group exhibitions and is still being active until nowadays.

For Manos, being involved at a professional level in painting, never meant he sacrificed his appetite for his second passion. Every day of his life was always full of listening to his favourite sounds and exploring new ones, building a vast collection of LPs and CDs, whilst the era of computer music bring him close to the genre of EDM and others. Over the time, Manos has offered his skills and talent for numerous music related activities, including the set up and maintenance of an amateur radio station for a local school, as well as an invaluable contribution to the success of a series of parties, together with a group of fellow music lovers. As is always the case with Manos, he is currently in the works for something new… 

I love what i do and do what i love…playing music from my heart.